A dart adds three-dimensional shape to a single section of fabric. Darts are sometimes found at the bust, waist, and hip area of a fitted garment.

  1. Using the pattern as a guide, transfer the dart to the wrong side of the garment.

  2. Fold the fabric making sure the dart markings match.

  3. Pin.

  4. Stitch, beginning at the wide end, gradually tapering to nothing at the point.

  5. Reinforce the end by hand tying a square knot or backstitching on the sewing machine.

  6. Press vertical darts to the centre of the body. Press horizontal darts down.

Standards for Evaluating Darts

  1. Thread matches the garment.
  2. The right side lays smooth, and is free from creases or bubbles at the dart point.
  3. Matching darts are the same size and angle.
  4. The dart is pressed over a ham to obtain and retain a curved shape.

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