Project Ideas


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Neckrolls — a small round bolster often trimmed with lace or ruffles.

Sleeping Bag Pillow — a pillow made with a drawstring closure at each end of a one-piece tube.

Shirred Corded Pillow — a gathered cord is inserted in a seam. Appearance differs with the different colour, sizes, and numbers of cord.

Ruffled Pillow — this pillow may include gathered lace or self-fabric ruffles on the pillow outside edge, and embroidery or applique on the pillow centre.

Shaped Pillows — pillows can be round, square, rectangular, heart, or abstract in shape.


Simple Gathered Curtains — these curtains require a casing with a heading and a hem. They can vary in fullness be lined, have ruffles and lace can be added; and they can include ties for tying back for different looks.

Window Top Treatments

Pouf Valance — a short curtain with a casing at the top and bottom edge. The pouf valance is shirred on two curtain rods to create a soft gathers top treatment.

Tapered Valance — a shaped, lined valance used to partially cover blinds.

Image Source: Pixabay

Image Source: Pixabay

Table Coverings

Tablecloths — can be round, square, rectangular, or oval. They can be narrowly machine hemmed, or serged, or have ruffles or bindings attached on the outer edge.

Placemats — these can be casual or more formal. Edges can be fringed, serged by using the rolled hem feature, bound with bias binding, or finished by adding lace. Placemats can be quilted, lined, appliqued, pieced, and decorated in numerous ways.

Napkins — these can vary in size and take edge treatments similar to placemats.

Bed Coverings

Duvet Cover — this can be made using two sheets, Velcro, snaps or buttons/buttonholes can be used to close.

Comforter — two sheets or decorative fabric can be used with varying depths of batting. Ruffles, applique, and hem bindings can be added for different looks.

Pillow Shams — can be plain, ruffled, or trimmed. The sham has an opening on the backside so a pillow can be easily slipped inside.

Dust Ruffles and Bed Skirts — are made to hide the box spring and bed legs. They can be gathered or pleated.

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Image Source: Pixabay

Duffle Bags

These come in many sizes and shapes to suit many different purposes. It is essential to use the best fabric, notions, and sewing techniques for added durability. Pockets, compartments, and straps are easily personalized.

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Wall Hangings

These can be very creative. You can applique, weave, paint, dye, embroidery, knit, or crochet for uniqueness. Wall hangings should harmonize with room furnishings in the room.

Purses and Belts

Numerous patterns are available which can be used with interesting, unique fabrics.

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The list of project ideas is endless!

Magazines, stores, and friends are good sources of inspiration.