Unit 6 - Forest Regions

Lesson 2: Trees of Canada

However, as you may have noticed, they don't all grow in the same regions of the country. Life exists in a particular location only when basic survival needs are met.

Trees, like any other living organism, have very specific environmental requirements. As we have learned, trees grow only in locations that have the climate, type of soil, and quantities of sunlight and moisture appropriate to their needs.

Below is information concerning some of the more common trees found in Canada.
For each tree, take note of its distribution throughout the country or geographical area. 

  • In what particular part of the country does each species thrive?
  • What types of trees are likely to be found where you live?

Are you looking for a tree that will grow well in your area?
Download the My Tree app!
My Tree is a free app by the Canadian Forest Service that shows which trees will grow best in which Canadian location.

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