Unit 7 - Careers

Lesson 2: Personal Competencies

Any occupation that you enter will require you to have specific skills related to that particular job. That's why you acquire the necessary education, training, or on-the-job learning.

But no matter what career you choose in life, you will also need to have certain personal competencies that are needed to perform your job proficiently. Indeed, these personal competencies are necessary not only for your work life, but also for dealing capably with all aspects of your personal life.

These basic personal competencies are generally categorized into three classes of skills:

  • fundamental skills
  • personal management skills
  • teamwork skills

Everything you do, from infancy to adulthood, (including taking this course) helps you develop your personal competencies. That's why it's so important to always try your best. Not only will you be rewarded immediately because of increased success, but the personal competencies that you develop will stand you in good stead in all your future endeavors.

Here's a breakdown of the three classes of skills that comprise your personal competencies.
As you read through the following, think of how taking this course has helped you develop and demonstrate each skill.

Demonstrating fundamental skills

  • communicating

    How, and with whom, did you communicate in this course?

  • managing information

    Think of all the information this course provided.

  • using numbers

    Remember the charts and statistics in this course.

  • thinking and solving problems
    Consider the activities that you had to think about and do.

Demonstrating personal management skills

  • positive attitudes and behaviours

    Did you put forth your best effort on the assignments?

  • being responsible

    How well did you manage your time spent on this course?

  • being adaptable

    If you encountered difficulties, were you able to overcome them?

  • learning continuously

    Did this course interest you enough to want to learn more?

  • working safely

    Did working on this course present risks (example, ergonomics)?

Demonstrating teamwork skills

  • working with others
  • Did you collaborate with classmates, your teacher, or your marker?
  • participating in projects and tasks
  • Did you complete all activities and/or projects required in this course?