Unit Five Introduction

To what extent does globalization lead to sustainable prosperity for all people?

Some people believe that globalization will help everyone become more prosperous. But prosperity means various things to various people. Inequality is extreme in our world.

Is globalization making all people richer? Or is it making some people richer and other people poorer? What other challenges and opportunities result from globalization? Several perspectives on globalization are possible. Is it a positive force for most people in the world, or is it making life worse?

In this unit, you will consider the following questions:

  • Why has globalization expanded so rapidly in recent times? 
  • Does globalization lead to more wealth for all? 
  • Is there a connection between globalization and freedom? 


About 10% of the world's people live on under $2 per day. Is poverty increasing or disappearing in our globalizing world?

And what about equality? You will learn how globalization is affecting people around the world and if, in fact, everyone is becoming richer or if inequality is growing.