Course Description

Welcome to Forest Protection and Stewardship

 If you have ever taken a leisurely walk through a forest, you will have experienced one of life's true pleasures!  The piece of mind you feel, cannot be measured in terms of money and it contributes to your health as much as the physical activity of the walk itself.

Canada's forests not only serve to give us many pleasant activities, such as hiking and camping, but they are also a significant financial contributor to our province and nation's wealth.  In addition to providing us with a healthy environment, forest production and consumption comprises a significant part of our nation's economy.

So, how are the forests managed in order to balance all of the forest's uses: environmental, social and economical as well as protecting and managing all our valuable forest resources?

This course will provide you with the answers to the above question through examination of the Land-use Framework and the Alberta Land Stewardship Act as they relate to forestry and understanding what is being done to promote environmental stewardship.