Unit 3 - Demands on the  Forests

Lesson 2: Wood Fibre Production

People want wood

  • A typical 1700 sq. ft. home uses wood from about 157 trees.

  • In 2005, Canada had 225,000 new houses built.

  • The United States of America, which is our largest market, builds over one million homes per year.

  • The Alberta Newsprint Company, located in Whitecourt, Alberta, is a leading manufacturer of premium newsprint.

    "The Danish Wood Initiative" has produced an interesting and informative video on the merits of wood as a building material.

    Click on the PLAY icon to the right to watch "Why on Earth a Wood House?"


    People want paper

    • Paper is made from wood pulp.

    • Alberta produces both pulp and newsprint to meet local and and world demand.

    • Wood chips and recycled paper are made into newsprint in Whitecourt.