Unit 6 - The Alberta Land Stewardship Act

Lesson 5: Other ALSA Stipulations

The Alberta Land Stewardship Act provides for several other significant features pertaining to the formulation and use of Alberta's seven regional land-use plans. We will consider these in brief summary form:

  • Nature and Effect of Regional Plans

    • Once they have been subjected to public input and consultation, regional plans are put to Cabinet for approval. Upon approval, they are legal and binding they are regulations, and therefore, the law.
  • Implementing Regional Plans

    • Each plan must include an implementation strategy that is unique to the specific plan and region. For example, the strategy may include the designation of some entity (such as a person or corporation) to perform any function under the regional plan. The Alberta Land Stewardship Act details how regional plans may be implemented.
  • Statutory Consents

    • Sometimes the government might want to grant permission for something to be done that could usually not be done (example, using a public resource such as land or water). Under the Alberta Land Stewardship Act, such special permissions are possible and are called statutory consents.
  • Regional Coordination

    • Regional plans need not be entirely distinct. One region may want to share objectives and policies with another region. Such coordination between regions is possible and will take place as the plans are developed.


The Alberta Land Stewardship Act affects 
       your land, your plan and your future.

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