Unit 7 - Environmental Stewardship and You

Lesson 1: Introduction

In this course, you have learned much about the initiatives undertaken by various agencies in Alberta to protect our forests through responsible stewardship to ensure sustainable use of them and the resources they provide. You have learned how our provincial and municipal governments provide direction and leadership in regulating the diverse objectives of forest use, including

  • economic objectives — industrial operations such as lumber and wood fibre production, oil and gas exploration and extraction, and various mining operations

  • environmental objectives — to ensure the sustainability of industrial operations and at the same time protect wildlife habitats and water, air, and soil quality

  • social objectives — to allow for continued use of our forests for spiritual, cultural, and recreational endeavours

It is now time to ask yourself the following two important questions:

  • What can you as an individual do to help protect and sustain our forest resources?

  • How can you demonstrate, through personal and shared actions, a commitment to environmental stewardship?