Unit 7 - Environmental Stewardship and You

Lesson 2: Demonstrating Your Personal Commitment

You can effectively demonstrate your personal commitment to environmental stewardship, particularly as it affects our forests and forest resources, by addressing the four following areas.

  • identify personal strategies for using forest resources that foster the attainment of economic, environmental, and social/cultural goals, e.g. personal actions, leadership roles.

  • identify opportunities to influence public decisions that affect the forest and all its resources, e.g. voting, lobbying, seeking office, special interest groups.

  • examine and defend an issue regarding the impacts of lifestyle on forest resources, e.g. examine, purchase and consumption of forest products, recreational use of forests.

  • recognize the rights of all users of the forest, and your responsibility not to infringe on those rights, e.g. the rights of spiritual and cultural use of the forest by Indigenous people, the rights of social and recreational users to unspoiled natural settings within forests.