Unit 1

Early Canada


  1. Continue to add answers to your Chapter 4: Competition for Trade Notes document (that you started in Lesson 1) as you read this lesson.

    You will use the chapter notes for Lesson 3 as you work through this lesson.

  2. Read

  3. View the map on page 88 of the textbook that shows English trading posts and forts.

  4. Read pages 88 to 91 of the textbook to learn about the Nor'Westers, who were voyageurs who continued to expand the fur trade.

  5. Notice the “Voices” section on page 91, which speaks of personal accounts of these men during the fur trade.

  6. Read pages 93 and 94 of the textbook that show some of the negative aspects of the fur trade for the First Nations people, which affected their own identity.

    Parts of their society that had thrived before contact with Europeans were lost forever.

  7. Submit your completed activity, Chapter 4: Competition for Trade Notes, on the next page.

What was life like for the fur traders?

Read more accounts of the fur trade at the following website:

  1. Fur Trade Stories - 1600 to 1867