Unit 2

Towards Confederation

Why were France and England always at war?

France and England were constantly at war because they were rivals competing for the land and resources in North America.

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  1. Read pages 98 and 99 of the textbook. Give particular attention to the perspectives of war of the people living in the colonies.

  2. War affected everyone differently. What were the two perspectives of the French and the English? Why was one side more likely to win?

  3. Read about both the French and English perspectives of war on pages 101 to 104 of the textbook.

  4. Consider the following questions as you read these textbook pages.
      • What were the key factors from the French and English perspectives?
      • In your opinion, who may have an advantage?

Key Factors

French Perspective

  • large area of land under French control
  • Acadia populated with Francophones
  • New France secure, protected by Louisbourg and Quebec
  • First Nations allies
  • powerful army

English Perspective

  • Thirteen Colonies unable to expand because the French controlled the Ohio Valley
  • Acadia under British control
  • wanted control of fisheries and St. Lawrence River
  • Haudenosaunee allies
  • powerful navy