Unit 3

After Confederation


  1. Download the lesson summary, Expanding Confederation: BC.
    Please save your work to a file on your desktop so you will have a copy to refer back to.

  2. Click on one of the links provided to download the document.
      • You will then be able to view the Expanding Confederation: BC worksheet.


  3. Complete the questions in the summary as you read the assigned textbook pages.
      • Until the 1850s, British Columbia was sparsely settled, with far more First Nations peoples than European settlers and fur traders.

      • What happened that changed this situation permanently?

    How did British Columbia become Canada’s sixth province?

  4. Read pages 219 to 225 of the textbook to learn the answers to these questions.

  5. When you have completed your Expanding Confederation: BC worksheet, go to the next page.