Unit 4

After Confederation - Part 2

Skill Check

Practice Your Skill: Research and Perform a Role Play


  1. Read page 268 of the textbook.
      • This page in the textbook shows you how role-play can be used to show your understanding of people in history.

      • The steps for doing this include researching a person in history and making notes about the person and his or her contributions. Then, a script is written to talk about the person. Finally, music, props, or other items are used to make the role play interesting.

      • Practising this skill in an online environment is challenging. However, your task is to explore someone you have already studied in this course, Louis Riel.

  2. Construct the character sketch (in your lesson summary) by reviewing material from the report you made on Louis Riel in the previous unit.

  3. Answer the Character Sketch questions in the lesson summary you downloaded earlier in this lesson.

  4. When you have completed your character sketch, go to the next page.