Welcome to Social Studies 20-2

Whether you are a traditional student studying in a physical building, an online student somewhere in cyberspace, or a print-based distance education student working from home or away, welcome to the Social Studies 20-2Understandings of Nationalism course! This Grade 11 course is part of Alberta Education's Social Studies curriculum that is designed to meet the needs of Alberta's students, with a focus on identity and nationalism.

"Wait! Why should I care about nationalism and identity?"

All individuals are part of a greater nation ─ a country, an ethnicity, a region, or a culture. Our identity is, therefore, shaped by the history, current affairs, and future goals of our nation. When we understand the relationships between nations, how and when nations pursue their own interests, and the reasons why nations become involved in international issues, our personal identity and awareness of our contributions as a citizen are also impacted. As you learn about nationalism throughout the course, you will be encouraged to understand others’ points of view, and reflect and consider your own perspective.

Nationalism is not just a big vocabulary term; it is a concept with a variety of factors and implications for our world today and in the future. It deals with how people relate to their country and to the global community. Nationalism also deals with the many challenges and opportunities that individuals and their nations face.


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