Guidelines for Forums

Discussing ideas with others not only helps to develop critical thinking skills, it also allows exploration of the viewpoints of others. They may have ideas and information (or alternate ways of looking at issues) that you might not have considered. All forum postings are indicated by the Forum icon (left).

You are required to submit forum posts to fulfill Social Studies 20-2 outcomes. Learning how other people think sharpens your own thinking skills and improves your understanding of other people and important issues. The forum assignments typically focus on relevant content within the unit, and will also prepare you for the written assignments on your midterm and final exams. Any forums that are written assignments will be indicated in the title (example: WR-Assignment 2), and marked with a different rubric.

Other forum responses will be graded according to the Forums rubric. Forums are part of your course mark.

If you need help for submitting your forum posts, view the ADLC video "Discussions/Forums" below.


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Example Forum Posting

My name is Dana Wall and I would like to discuss Canada’s foreign policy on the environment. Canada’s position on environmental issues is unclear. Initially we were signatories to the Kyoto Accord but since then we have softened our stance on reducing emissions. Canada is lobbying for slow gradual change with no specific targets aiming instead at a final goal with no target date set. Canada enjoys its heightened G8 status based upon our technological based industry which has made the country a major player in world economic circles. Canadians have been seduced by the benefits of this economic gain so they very much support this reduced emphasis as foreign policy. We enjoy living the quality of life which has made us one of the top ranked countries in the world but do not consider the cost of our success. Environmental disasters in places like China which has people working in areas that have been ravaged by pollution caused by industrial waste and emissions have been ignored. We seek to consider only our economic gain and do not want to rock the boat of our captains of industry by making them move quickly to reducing their global waste. Our policy does not consider international effects of pollution on the world environment and concerns itself with only national interests. Internationalism is not a concern for Canada’s foreign policy on the environment.