Learning at a Distance: Resources

In distance education, you may be separated from your teacher and your classmates, but you are not alone. Be sure to contact your teacher if you have any questions, concerns, or issues.

We often believe that online or distance learning is very different than classroom learning. View the characteristics you need to be successful in a traditional classroom, but that are also important in a distance education environment by clicking the tab below.

Success in a Classroom

  • Self-discipline: time management, meeting deadlines, study time, avoiding distractions, knowing when your course expires, school/grade deadlines

  • Curious: asking "why," seeking out new information, taking risks in your assignments
  • Responsible: for yourself, your technology, study and course materials

  • Open: to exchanging new ideas, to learning new programs or technology, to feedback and grades

  • Trusting: in yourself and your abilities, in your teacher's knowledge and support, in the support of your peers

  • Respect/Kind: respect and kindness for yourself and your fellow community of learners

  • Willing: to think and to learn

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As you progress through the course you may find yourself confused. Learning at a distance can be difficult, but there are wealth of resources in the course and online that can support your distance education journey (for example, 10 Study Tips for Online Learners). When you have problems using the technology or understanding a concept, realize that teachers, support staff, and your fellow students are always ready to help. In fact, you are not alone. You are part of a unique community of learners!

In this unique community of learners, you may find yourself challenged by the ideas presented in this course, which is perfectly okay! In this course, you are expected to try to see things from the points of view of other people with various backgrounds, values, and experiences (which may be challenging!). To be challenged is good because through challenges we learn and grow!

Throughout the course, you will see various icons (pictures) that can help you with learning at a distance.

Throughout the course there will be Tutorials to support your learning. The Tutorials may include sample outlines, helpful tips, or examples that are relevant to your learning.
The icon to the left means you should go Visit Websites specified in your content. When you Visit Websites, you are accessing materials and content that will support your learning through the course.
There are times in the course you may be asked to Watch a Video to support your learning. These videos are chosen to support course content and may be helpful to enhance your understanding.

Required Resources

All students require the textbook Understanding Nationalism.

Click on the tabs below to view required resources based on your chosen course delivery format.

  • reliable internet connection
  • current phone number and email
  • laptop, computer, tablet, or other device to access and view your course
  • updated word processing program
  • updated internet web browser
  • space on a hard drive
  • basic to intermediate computer and website navigation skills

  • reliable internet connection (to upload scanned assignments)
  • current phone number and email
  • laptop, computer, tablet, or other device (if you choose to word-process) to check grades or other course resources
  • updated word processing program
  • updated internet web browser
  • scanner (to scan and upload booklets)

Regardless of whether you’re an online or print student, you may want to take this quiz or read the article "Is Distance Learning Right For You?" article to review key characteristics or skills needed to do courses at a distance.