Course work for Social Studies 20-2 consists of numerous assignments in various formats.

The assignments you are given have several purposes:

  • to review, reinforce, develop, and extend your Social Studies knowledge, skills, and understandings

  • to test your understanding of Social Studies knowledge, skills, and understandings

  • to help your teacher realize how well you understand the concepts so that he or she might help you learn more and to provide you with a grade
Checking Your Feedback

The feedback given in response to your work is designed to further your understanding and help you achieve success. View the video below to learn how to check your assignment feedback.

Remember, you can contact your teacher any time you have questions or need help.

Assessment Types

Assignments – 35% of total score. Each unit has one or two assignments. Most are downloadable MS Word documents, PDFs, or Google Docs that you must download to your computer, complete, and then upload to the Assignment folder.
Forums – 15% of total score. Each unit has at least one forum. Be sure to review the instructions carefully, and respond thoughtfully and thoroughly within each forum.
Unit Review Quizzes – 10% of total score. Unit Review Quizzes are found at the end of each unit. These multiple choice quizzes are scored immediately, and feedback (if applicable) is provided. After you have completed the first attempt, review the quiz feedback again. You may take the Unit Reviews a second time if you wish. Your mark will be the best mark out of the two attempts.

Supervised Exams - 40% of total score. This course has two supervised exams.

  1. Exam One (midterm) - 15%. Exam One must be written after you have completed Units 1 to 4.
  2. Exam Two (final exam) - 25%. Exam Two must be written after you have completed Units 5 to 8.

Exam One and Exam Two must be supervised by an approved exam supervisor. If you receive an average of less than 40% on Exam Two, that average will be your final mark for the course. However, if this happens, you should contact your teacher and request an appeal exam.

In addition to the Unit Review quizzes, you will also encounter Self-Check Quizzes. The Unit Review Quizzes and Self-Check Quizzes review content learned throughout the unit, as well as help you prepare for your exams. While Self-Check Quizzes do not count towards the final course mark, they are worth completing to check and review your understanding of Social Studies 20-2 content. Self-Check Quizzes will be indicated by the icon on the left.
Marking Criteria: all assessments include marking criteria (also called rubrics) to show you how they will be marked. If you have any questions about the criteria, contact your teacher.
You should download and use the Checklist feature to find the list of assignments, quizzes, forums, and other assessments required within the unit. You can find the Checklist on the Overview page at the beginning of every unit.

Social Studies 20-2
Evaluation Breakdown
Assignments 35%
Forums 15%
Unit Review Quizzes 10%
Exam One (Midterm Exam) 15%
Exam Two (Final Exam) 25%
Total 100%