1.14 Contending Non-nationalist Loyalties

Should nation be the foundation of identity?

Big Ideas:

  • People may have non-nationalist loyalties such as religion, culture, race, ideology, class, and geographic region.
  • People with different nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties may contend (conflict) with each other.
  • Reconciling contending nationalist and non-nationalist loyalties requires effort.

What are Non-nationalist Loyalties?

Non-nationalist loyalties can be in conflict in a multicultural (or multination) state. People may be torn between their own non-nationalist loyalties and loyalty to their country. The diagram below illustrates some of the non-nationalist loyalties Canadians may find contend with their loyalty to Canada.

The chart below explores non-nationalist identities.

Loyalty Example
Religious Loyalty Loyalty based on religious beliefs and values Native Spirituality, Islamic, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu
Regional Loyalty Loyalty based on the people living within a geographic area and the interests of the people living there Maritimes, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Northern territories, Edmonton, Taber
Cultural Loyalty Loyalty based on a shared way of life of a group of people Syrian, Inuit, Métis, French (Québécois)
Racial or Ethnic Loyalty Loyalty based on a similar racial background or ethnic group  Aboriginal, Asian, Hispanic,  African, Italian
Ideological Loyalty Loyalty based on similar ideas about how a society should work, or loyalty to a social cause  Liberal, Conservative, Socialist, environmentalism, feminism
Class Loyalty Loyalty based on a similar social group in society  Blue collar workers, middle income, low income, upper class 

So, what's the difference between nationalist loyalty and a non-nationalist loyalty? The answer to this question is not always easy to determine. And, sometimes they are more difficult to manage due to the potential for conflict.

Go to your textbook, Understanding Nationalism , and read page 88. This page will help you begin to understand the difference between nationalist loyalty and non-nationalist loyalty.

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