8.4.2 National Interests and International Organizations

Should internationalism be pursued?

Big Ideas:

  • Nation-states take part in regional and global affairs for many reasons.
  • Nation and state involvement in regional and global affairs impacts individual and collective identities.
  • Internationalism can be promoted in foreign policy.

A country's nationalism and national interests are affected by its involvement with international organizations. National self-interests and pursuing a nation's motives and goals can impact the manner and extent to which nation interacts with other nations.

Examine the diagram below to understand the balancing act when nations engage with international organizations, and then read the pages in the Understanding Nationalism textbook, taking notes using the 8.4.2 Notebook organizer below.

Review the pages in the diagram below to see what is involved in balancing a country's national interests with its involvement in international issues.

Go to your textbook Understanding Nationalism, and read the textbook pages 249 to 261. If you need a reminder on how to take notes, click here.

Record the information you've read and viewed on the 8.4.2 Notebook Organizer (Word, PDF, Google Doc). When you are done, return here to continue.