• Now that you have completed Lesson 3B, you need some practice.
  • Complete the quiz Practice Quiz 3B.
  • After the quiz has been graded, look at your results and complete the chart below.
  • Use the chart to gauge your understanding of the material in Lesson 3B.
  • Review the concepts, practice the procedures, and contact your teacher where necessary.


Review the outcomes assessed on this quiz.

I can...


Circle the questions you got correct on this Quiz.


Check the rating you think reflects your understanding of each outcome.

Circle the items you will study to improve your understanding of each outcome.


compare, using examples, dependent and independent events
1, 6

Guide for Learning Example 4

Textbook p.188 Question 3a

Textbook p.198 Questions 2a, 3a

determine the probability of two dependent or two independent events
2, 4, 10

Guide for Learning Examples 1, 2, 3, 7, 8

Textbook p.182-183 Example 1

Textbook p.193-194 Example 1

Textbook p.189 Questions 4a, 4b

Textbook p.198 Questions 2b, 3b

determine the probability of an event, given the occurrence of a previous event
7, 9

Guide for Learning Example 9

Textbook p.184-185 Example 2

Textbook p.190 Questions 13, 14

solve a problem that involves determining the probability of dependent or independent events
3, 5, 8

Guide for Learning Examples 5, 6

Textbook p.185-187 Examples 3, 4

Textbook p.194-197 Example 2

Textbook p.199 Questions 11a, 11b, 11c

Record any questions you have about Lesson 3B. Then, contact your teacher.