Unit 1 - The  Importance of Canada's Forests

Lesson 2: Ownership of Canada's Forests

The manner in which a natural resource is managed depends in large part on who owns the resource. The owner is, after all, ultimately responsible for making decisions regarding the use of those resources. Resource use decisions typically have far-reaching effects on the economy, the environment, and society as a whole.

Forests are one of Canada's greatest natural resources and benefit all Canadians. In this unit, we will examine the issue of forest ownership in Canada.

Just who owns our vast forests?

Ownership of a forest is a privilege, but it comes with responsibilities. The owner must consider how and what he does that affects others. For example:

  • Unsightly development could seriously hinder tourism.

  • Extreme harvesting could negatively influence the flora and fauna of a region.

  • Destruction of the watershed could cause environmental damage due to erosion.

Read the information on this page, to understand more about the ownership of the forests and their roles.
Some of this information will be on Quiz #1.