Unit 1 - The Importance of Canada's Forests

Lesson 3: The Economic Value of Canada's Forests

Canada's forests are an integral part of the economy:

  • The forest industry accounted for about $24.6 billion in Canada's economy in 2017.

  • For about 200 communities in Canada, the forest sector makes up at least 50% of the economic base.

  • In 2018, the forest industry provided more than 57,000 direct and indirect jobs in Alberta; in Canada, 209,940 were directly employed in the forest industry.

  • Canada is the world's largest exporter of wood, pulp, newsprint, and softwood lumber. 

The following graph shows the 2013 trade balance for the leading forest product nations.  A positive number indicates that exports are greater than imports, whereas a negative number indicates that imports are greater than exports.

For more interesting statistics and information, click on the Forest Fact Book to the right.

Tourism also plays a very important role in Canada's economy.

Between 2016 and 2017, people visited Canada's national partks in the boreal forest region approximately 9 million times.