Unit 1 - The Importance of Canada's Forests

Lesson 6: A Case Study: Canada's Boreal Forest

Canada's boreal forest region is one of the nine forest regions of Canada. It consists primarily of coniferous trees and forms a band almost 1000 kilometers wide, stretching from the Yukon Territory to Newfoundland and Labrador.
Occupying 35% of the total Canadian land area, Canada's boreal forest is the largest region in Canada and the largest intact forest ecosystem left on our planet. Canada's boreal forest is of great importance, both nationally and globally.

The boreal forest's animals, plants, and products affect each Canadian every day — from paper products, to the construction wood for our houses, to the air we breathe.

This huge expanse of forest is an inevitable and unavoidable part of who we are. It is an integral part of our economy, history, culture, and natural environment. This vast body of land provides the lakes, streams, and rivers that act as the arteries and veins of so much of our country.

Please view the video to the right, "Unlocking the Mystery of Canada's Largest Intact Forest". The video will provide information to answer questions on the Unit 1 quiz.

As you are viewing "Unlocking the Mystery of Canada's Largest Intact Forest" please keep in mind the questions below.

  1. How does Canada's boreal forest affect global climate?

  2. Why is Canada's boreal forest so critical to the world's supply of fresh water?
"Unlocking the Mystery of Canada's Largest Intact Forest"

As you are viewing "Canada's Boreal Forest", please keep in mind the statements below.

1. List all the different uses of this important forest region.

2. Group the uses into three categories: economic, environmental, and social.