Unit 3 - Managing Canada's Forests Today

Lesson 4: Not-for-Profit Organizations

Many not-for-profit organizations, such as environmental groups, play an important role in the management of Canada's forests by promoting the protection and wise use of forest ecosystems. They accomplish this through developing educational materials, organizing conferences, and building public awareness regarding forest-related issues. Many of these organizations carefully monitor the forests and compile databases that track significant changes in the ecosystem. This data is then made accessible to decision-makers.

Examples of not-for-profit organizations operating in Canada include the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS), the David Suzuki Foundation, and the Canadian Forestry Association (CFA).

In the past, environmental groups and logging companies have fought bitter battles over forest protection issues. Today, however, Canada is recognized around the world for its ability to reach compromises on forest-related issues. A recent example of how different stakeholders are working together for the good of the forest is the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement, the largest conservation agreement in history.
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