Unit 4 - Sustainable Forest Management (SFM)

Lesson 2: Planning for Sustainable Forest Management

In order to put sustainable forest management (SFM) into action, governments across Canada have established forest planning processes. The goal of these planning processes is to ensure that the harvesting of timber does not have a negative impact on other forest values, such as environmental and social values.

A critical component of forest planning is the preparation of forest management plans. Before any harvesting can occur on Crown land in Canada, there must be an approved forest management plan in place.

Read the following excerpt from the Government of Alberta Sustainable Resource Development website.

Going through the excerpt "Forest Management Planning" keep in mind the questions below.
These are the questions pertaining to the case study found on the Unit 4 quiz:

Forest planning processes must ensure that the harvesting of timber does not have a negative impact on environmental and social values.

  1. Before a Forest Management Agreement can be negotiated between the Province and a forest company, a Forest Management Plan, also known as a Detailed Forest Management Plan, must be submitted and approved. Although various interested parties participate in this planning process, who is ultimately responsible for preparing this plan?

  2. Who approves Forest Management Plans?

  3. The operational components of Forest Management Plans are prepared, and show the following:

                                             Now read the information on Forest Management Planning; click here.