Unit 5 - Forest Protection

Lesson 1: Forest Threats

There are many factors that can threaten a forest. Forest fires, pest infestations, disease, and industrial development can all have huge impacts on forest ecosystems. Protecting forests from these threats is a critical part of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). In this unit, we will learn about the major components of forest protection and explore the important role played by research and technology in the areas of forest fire management, soil and water conservation, forest land reclamation, and pest/disease management.

Forest Fire Protection

Initially, protecting Canada's forests from fire was a role of the federal government. The first Dominion Forestry Branch rangers and foresters arrived in western Canada at the beginning of the twentieth century.

When Alberta took over control of her natural resources in 1930, the Alberta Forest Service inherited the responsibility of fighting forest fires in Alberta.

Fire management is still largely the responsibility of provincial and territorial governments. All combined, Canadian agencies spend between $500 million and $1 billion a year on fire management, making this one of the most costly aspects of forest management in Canada.

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