Unit 5 - Forest Protection

Lesson 7: Reforestation

Reforestation is the re-establishment of trees following such events as harvesting, wildfire, or insect and disease outbreaks.  It also involves managing the newly developing forest in order to ensure that it will establish and successfully grow into a future sustainable forest.

Reforestation in Alberta is the responsibility of those who harvest forest trees and must take place in all areas where trees are cut down.

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"Planting Trees to Support Caribou" transcript.
For many years, there have been reports on the declining numbers of caribou and different strategies have been tried in order to grow the caribou population.

In 2016 the Caribou Habitat Restoration Project was announced, using proven reforestation techniques to reduce the fragmentation of the caribou's habitat.

One interesting fact is that more than half of Canada’s harvested areas are regenerated through planting and seeding activities.
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