Unit 6 - The Future

Lesson 4: Connecting to an Occupation

In light of your personal considerations in the previous part, you may have narrowed your realm of possibilities in making a career choice. You should keep in mind that you need not have a forestry background to enjoy a career that is related to forest use and protection.

There are challenges to overcome to successfully enter any career. You have to obtain the necessary skills and finances in most cases. For example, to become a forest technician, you may have to take a related education program at a university or at an approved college. During your studies, you have to finance your living costs and your school costs.
With all this in mind, you must now make a choice. It is understood that any choice you make is tentative. It is perfectly natural to change your mind as you progress through school and life, thereby gaining new information and developing new interests. There will always be new opportunities and many new doors for you to open.

In Assignment 3, you will be asked to choose two careers that involve forestry use and protection. You will then be asked to narrow your choice to a single occupation which you will investigate more thoroughly.

In choosing the two careers, you may wish to consider additional references. There are many Internet sites that can be of help, but the ALIS (Alberta Learning Information Service) website, maintained by the Government of Alberta, might be especially helpful to you in many ways. Use the link given here to access this valuable career exploration resource: Career Explorers