Lesson 17 — Activity 2: Creating Scale Drawings

Getting Ready

In activity 1, you learned how to figure out what scale was being used in a scale drawing.  In this activity, you will learn how to actually create a scale drawing.

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Creating a Scale Drawing

Let's look at an example of creating a scale drawing.

If you need to draw a picture of a house that is 20 m long and 10 m wide, you can use a scale in order to draw a smaller picture of it. When you are drawing your own scale diagrams, you can create your own scale. For this example, let's say that you will use a scale of 1 cm: 2 m.

The first thing you need to do is figure out how long the sides will be in your scale picture. To do this, you will use the skills you learned in activity 1.


Your picture will have a length of 10 cm.


Your picture will have a width of 5 cm and will look like the image below. Notice that the scale is written below the picture. This allows anybody looking at the picture to know just how big the actual house is going to be. Every 1 cm is equal to 2 m.

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Try This!

Use paper and pencil to complete this question.

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A square piece of land has sides that are 84 km long. Using a scale of 1 cm:14 km, calculate the length of the sides in your diagram and then draw the new diagram. You must use a ruler to draw, and include the scale below your picture.


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