Lesson 21 — Activity 2: Sites in Alberta

Getting Ready

Our province is large. It has many different attractions in it as well as many interesting towns and cities to visit.

Because there are so many people visiting all of the parts of our province, you may be asked to give directions not only in your town, but also the easiest way to get to another part of the province. 

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Think about This:

Did you know that Alberta's landscape includes mountains, prairies, desert badlands, and vast forests? It has more than 600 lakes, as well as rich mineral deposits.


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No wonder many people come to visit Alberta.

Digging Deeper

Click on the Play button to watch a video of some of the best places to visit in Alberta.

It is just as important to give clear and accurate directions when telling someone how to get to another town or location as it is giving him or her directions within your town.

The person requesting the help may have certain requirements for their trip. For example, they may want the most scenic route possible, or they may want the quickest way possible. If they are looking for the most scenic route, you might even offer some information about areas of interest along your suggested route.

For example, let's say that a person is asking for directions to Calgary from Whitecourt. They say that they want a scenic route. You can offer them two options. With both options, you must be very accurate in giving directions.


For this part of the activity, you must access a provincial road map of Alberta. Ask your teacher for help in finding a paper map, or you may click here to access an online map. (Click on the map to enlarge it.)

Use the map of Alberta to follow these directions from Whitecourt to Calgary:

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Option one is the Cowboy Trail. The Cowboy Trail is actually Highway 22.

    Go east on Highway 43 to Mayerthorpe.
    Turn right onto Highway 22.
    When you reach Highway 16, turn left and drive into Entwhistle. In Entwhistle, you can get back on Highway 22 by taking the exit to head south at the overpass.
    Just east of Drayton Valley, you need to turn right at the intersection of Highways 22 and 39. This will keep you on Highway 22.
    Just east of Rocky Mountain House, you need to turn right at the intersection of Highways 22 and 11. This will keep you on Highway 22.
    Just east of Caroline, you need to turn right at the intersection of Highways 22 and 54. This will keep you on Highway 22.
    Just east of Sundre, you need to turn right at the intersection of Highways 22 and 27. This will keep you on Highway 22.
    Follow Highway 22 through Cochrane to the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1). Go east on Highway 1 into Calgary.

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Option two is to go through the national parks. To do this:

    Go south from Whitecourt on Highway 32 until you get to Highway 16. Turn west.
    Follow Highway 16 until you get to Jasper.
    Go through Jasper, and at the lights, turn left. This puts you on Highway 93.
    Follow Highway 93 through Jasper National Park and into Banff National Park where it merges with the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1).
    Follow Highway 1 east to reach Calgary.

As you can see, both options are very precise. When you are giving someone directions to go such a long distance, you have to do this, or they will be lost. The biggest advantage when doing this is they usually have a map in front of them for you to point out the routes.


Try This!

Try this activity to practice locating specific sites in Alberta. Use the provincial road map of Alberta to answer the following questions. There may be more than one way to get from point A to point B.

Give directions for someone wanting to travel from Fort McMurray to Bonnyville.

  1. Go south on highway 63 to Atmore.
  2. Turn left on to highway 55, which goes through Lac La Biche
  3. At Lac La Biche, turn south on highway 36
  4. At the intersection of highways 36 and 55, turn left on to highway 55 again
  5. At La Corey (the intersection of highway 55 and 41) turn right on to highway 41.
  6. Follow Highway 41 and this will take you to Bonnyville.

How would you get from Calgary to Camrose?

  1. Go north on highway 2
  2. Take the exit to turn right at the intersection of highway 2 and 13
  3. Follow highway 13 to Camrose

How would you get from Bassano to Lethbridge, if you want to go through Vauxhall?

  1. Go east on the Trans Canada Highway (Highway 1)
  2. Turn right at the intersection of highway 1 and 36
  3. Follow highway 36 and you will arrive in Vauxhall.
  4. Continue south on highway 36
  5. Turn right at the intersection of highway 36 and 3
  6. Highway 3 will lead you to Lethbridge