Essential Information

English 30-1 is worth five Alberta high school credits and should take you approximately 125 hours to complete. Please set up a schedule to help you pace yourself so you can meet your deadline. This course has four units and a final exam for a total of 25 tasks. Complete the tasks in order, following the instructions carefully.

  • You have 20 assignments. To gain the greatest benefit from your teacher's comments and assistance, submit one assignment at a time.
  • You have 5 open-book Moodle quizzes (2 quizzes you can take as many times as you wish). Use your course materials when answering questions.
  • You have 1 ADLC closed-book Final Exam which requires supervision. Contact your teacher and Exam Supervisor to make arrangements to write this exam once all previous work is showing as marked. This Moodle exam requires a password that will be typed in by your Exam Supervisor. ADLC's Final Exam tests on all concepts in the course.
You are also required to write Alberta Ed's English 30-1 Diploma Exam at one of the scheduled times of the year (January, April, June, August, or November). All students are required to write this provincial exam in order to earn credits for English 30-1. Your ADLC course mark and your diploma exam mark will be blended 70/30% and to create a final mark that will appear on your official Alberta Ed high school transcript. Note: If you write the November or April diploma exam without me submitting your ADLC course mark, your exam will be invalidated. See Diploma Exam Rules, #17.)

The units and exam are weighted as follows:


Duration (weeks)


Unit 1

(Print students: Workbook 1)

Introducing Yourself & Short Stories



Unit 2

(Print students: Workbook 2)

Graphic Novel, Visuals & Novel Study



Unit 3

(Print students: Workbook 3)

Non-Fiction, PoetryHamlet

Unit 4

(Print students: Workbook 4)

Film Study



Final Course Exam

(All students)

Supervised Exam 

Online in Moodle. Password & browser protected.

1 week to prepare

Usually 3 hours to write but 6 hours maximum if supervisor can accommodate

16 weeks

For successful completion of this course, you must satisfactorily meet the outcomes of the course. Do this by

  1. Completing all assignments to the best of your ability. Incomplete assignments will be returned unmarked.
  2. Achieving a satisfactory mark on the final exam. Please note our exam policy: If your final exam mark is below 40% or more than 25% lower than your course average before the final exam, your final exam mark may be used as your final course mark.
  3. Achieving a final course mark of 50% or higher.