How to Submit an Assignment

This info is for print and online students. 

  1. Read/listen to/view all of the information that precedes the assignment.
  2. Complete all relevant tutorials, view all rubrics, examine all exemplars, and follow all instructions. Contact your teacher if you have any questions or concerns right away before you submit a task for marking. You have one opportunity to submit each assignment, so it's got to be your best work.
  3. Assignment templates, where applicable, are provided in Google doc, Word doc, and PDF format. Choose the format that you are most comfortable with. NOTE: You may choose to hand-write assignments but will need to later scan the handwritten assignments as PDFs.
  4. Give the assignment a clear name: Lastname, Firstname CourseAssignment: Booker, Riley 1.1 
  5. Create a folder specifically for English 30-1 on your device desktop and save all of your work in there.

Courtesy of ADLC
  1. Don't use the online text box in Moodle unless you give a link to a Google doc. Reason: It is challenging to provide extensive feedback when students use the online text box. To submit an assignment, scroll down to the very bottom of the assignment page in Moodle and follow the instructions. You will need to agree to the use of the Turnitin plagiarism checker.
  2. Once you receive an email saying that an assignment has been assessed, go back and view/download the marked files, rubric, and any extra help documents you have been provided with so that you can reflect on what you've done and do even better moving forward.