"What I've Learned from Writing"

When we consider who we are and where we are from, how often do we consider how texts and writing have influenced and shaped us? Likely, not very often.

"What I've Learned from Writing" is a keynote speech delivered by the author, Shauna Singh Baldwin, at a writer’s convention. In this speech, Baldwin provides some points for pondering for would-be writers. It can be inferred from her text that writing has influenced and shaped her in significant ways.
  • What is surprising to you about some of her points, and what do you think the audience would find helpful?
  • Look carefully at some of the techniques that Baldwin uses to share her message, such as diction, rhythm, repetition, breaks or pauses in sentences, and parallel structure. Many of these literary techniques can be used in a variety of genres.

Time to Read

Read "What I've Learned from Writing" in Imprints 12, Vol. II, pp. 12-16.

Here's a recording of the essay: