Reading Comprehension Strategy 1

The Readings Booklet and the Questions Booklet will not be seen by anyone after your exam is complete. These booklets are yours to write on during the exam and will be shredded and recycled after the exam is over. Only your answer sheet will be evaluated.

You should highlight and make notes in the margin to help you focus on key details.

When you begin your exam, start with the Questions Booklet. Read the question stems first. For example, in the sample question below, you would go to your Readings Booklet and highlight lines 6–8 and 11–15 and write #7 in the margin beside those lines in that text. When you read the whole text, you’ll pay close attention to those lines, and you can find them easily when you go to answer question 7.

Courtesy of ADLC

Courtesy of ADLC

Try it!

Practice the "Mark it Up!" strategy. Print out the provided documents. Read the questions on the sample exam and use a highlighter and pen to mark up the poem.

Read the poem “Television’s Child” by Glen Kirkland. In a moment, you will answer a series of reading comprehension question about this poem.

Answer the multiple choice questions for "Television's Child."