Reading Comprehension Strategy 2

Above all else, be sure you understand exactly what you are being asked. Read the question stem closely! Remember: The question stem always appears above the alternatives.

The question stems tell you important information about the passage you will read. Where is the action set? Who are the main characters? What are the main symbols in the text?

Reading the questions carefully before reading the passage can introduce you to the text, provide important details in understanding the text, and guide your answers to the questions about the text.

Courtesy of ADLC

Courtesy of ADLC

By reading this question stem, we learn that a mother character may be important to the text. More specifically, her development of a particular quality will be significant to the text. We also know that adjectives (words that describe nouns) will be the key in helping us identify her development.

Practice the "Questions Tell You a lot" strategy using the questions from "Television's Child." Print out another copy of the questions and use your highlighter and pen to make observations about the question stems. Compare your notes with this exemplar.