Critical Response to Text (CRT)

One of the key skills of the 21st century is critical thinking: applying what you have learned to new, and often times, unfamiliar situations. Making connections between different experiences, events, and texts and finding commonality involves critical thinking.

The critical response essay here will involve two texts (novel and short story) and will focus on one of the course's Essential QuestionsThe essay will demonstrate your understanding, analysis, and evaluation of the texts as they pertain to an Essential Question.  

You may find that exploring the essential question in relation to the characters' transformation to be the best approach; however, you can also focus your essay on exploring the techniques the author uses to express his theme.

Time to Read

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  1. Read information about Essays on pp. 125-129 of your English Language Arts Handbook for Secondary Students.

  2. Review Unit 1 for information on Critical Response Essays (click here and here).