Sticky Note Annotations

During the novel study, you used coloured sticky notes to help perform a detailed study of the events around the four Essential Questions. Review the Sticky Note tutorial before beginning your reading of Hamlet.

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As you read, identify sections that demonstrate development of one of the elements of the play as listed below by colour-coding them with the small sticky notes.

  • Character (yellow)
  • Symbols (pink)
  • Irony (blue)
  • Theme (green)

Note: You can colour-code each of the above elements as you see fit. The colours listed after each element above are provided as an example. The key is to use the same colour sticky note for the same element throughout the entire play.

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At the end of each scene or Act, summarize the events in a sentence or two, and identify a key quotation and its Act, scene, and line number(s). For this summary, use the larger sticky note.

By flagging information in this way, you can scan the play easily for information. You can find information quickly for character, symbols and irony, and theme. Being able to scan your play quickly saves you a lot of time completing later assignments.


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