ADLC Exam Information

Your ELA 30-1 course final exam assesses the knowledge and skills you acquired in English 30-1.  This exam (located in Moodle Quiz area) is weighted at 20% of your overall mark in the course.  There are texts and questions demonstrating genres from all of the major categories (poetry, non-fiction, visuals, novel excerpts, film, Shakespeare including Hamlet, short stories, and The Rabbits) in English Language Arts with multiple choice and matching questions.  No outside resources or texts are allowed.   All assignments must be marked and show up in SIS (Student Information System) before your final course exam can be booked, the password released, and the exam written.

This is a supervised exam requiring a password from your exam supervisor.  If you require a different supervisor from what is stated on your file, here is an exam supervisor form that needs to be returned to ADLC.  

The exam is designed to be completed in 3 hours, but you may use 6 hours maximum if you wish and if your supervisor can accommodate the additional time. Arrangements around extra time must be made with your supervisor prior to your writing of the exam.
  • Read instructions very carefully.
  • There are multiple choice and matching questions.
  • Complete all sections. 
  • Be sure to leave time at the end of the exam to review your answers.
ADLC Exam Policy

For successful completion of this course, you must satisfactorily meet the outcomes of the course.  You can do this by:
  1. Completing all assignments to the best of your ability.  Incomplete assignments will be returned unmarked.
  2. Achieving a satisfactory mark on the final exam. Please note exam policy:  If your final exam mark is below 40% or more than 25% lower than your course average before the final exam, your teacher has the discretion to use your final exam mark as your final course mark.
  3. Achieving a final course mark of 50% or higher.

You will not receive a diploma unless you finish all components of ELA 30-1 (all course gradables & final exam) and take the diploma exams.