This exam assesses the knowledge and skills you acquired in English 30-1. It has multiple-choice and matching questions. It is weighted at 20% of your overall course mark. It is a supervised exam set up in Moodle. It is designed to be completed in 3 hours. You may have up to 6 hours if arrangements are made in advance with your Exam Supervisor.

The texts on the exam represent the major genres studied in this course. They include poetry, non-fiction, an excerpt from a novel, an excerpt fromThe Rabbits, excerpts from Hamlet and another Shakespearean play, an excerpt from a short story, an excerpt from a film, and 2 visuals. No outside resources or texts are allowed. You may not use the internet as a research tool during the exam.

To prepare for this exam:
  • Review the last six Moodle pages in Unit 1.
  • Review the second half of your softcover textbook, The Key. (If you didn't buy it from ADLC, Chapters and  other book stores may have a copy.) There are 2 tests. Take one. The Answer Key is very good at explaining why the right answer is correct and why the wrong answers are incorrect. You might want to save the other exam until you are close to writing Part B of the Diploma Exam.
  • If you need another practice exam, here's one:
  • You will be tested on literary terms. Review Moodle’s Glossary and The Key's glossary.
  • You will have a few straightforward questions about the literal meaning of a words. You are given a word that you may not recognize, but the context allows you to figure it out. To increase your word power throughout your lifetime, consult a dictionary every time you encounter an unfamiliar word. Crossword puzzles also build your word power.
  • Practice with Exambank. Go to and select Grade 12 English 30-1 or go directly to Click on “Start Test.”
    • Username: phrd.adlc
    • Password: online

Please note our exam policy: If your final exam mark is below 40% or more than 25% lower than your course average before the final exam, you are required to write an appeal exam.