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Splash page for Rocky View Schools online learning. Of particular interest to online teachers are the grade 1-4 Google sites. Online teachers in the grades 1-4 are asked to maintain a  Google site and Google classroom in tandem. The Google sites provide publically available information to parents and students. Google sites are build using a common template.

Learning Strategies 15, 25, 35

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Includes materials such as answer keys, scoring guides, print versions etc.

Learning Strategies is a course designed to assist high school students in developing understandings, literacies, skills, and values to be successful learners across all subject areas. This course directly involves students to respond to their needs in respect to their courses of study. In collaboration with teachers, educational assistants, peers and parents, students will explore, deepen and develop, and eventually apply a range of strategies for academic success. Progressively, students gain confidence, realize independence, and apply their strategies to other learning contexts. While the nature of learning is complex and not always strictly linear, Learning Strategies content progresses in rigor from remembering and comprehending (15 level), to applying and analyzing (25 level), to creating and evaluating (35 level). In this course, as students prepare to transition to post-secondary and life-long learning, they will innovate and implement learning strategies with increased independence for successful high school completion and assemble their personalized toolkit that will be beneficial in further learning endeavors.