Proctoring / lockdown services / (extensions?)

Re: Proctoring / lockdown services / (extensions?)

by Alison Turner -
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Hi Stephanie,

Is this for school or personally owned devices used at home? I might have a more unpopular opinion, as I respectfully am against home online proctoring for many ethical concerns (student consent & data privacy, who stores data and where, control of computers, bias of algorithms and facial recognition system, students with disabilities such as ADHD, rapid eye movement, or neuromuscular disabilities are at a disadvantage when the software is flagging, stress etc.)

This article does a great job summarizing concerns.

Despite proctoring online, learners at home can still text each other, look up on a phone, ask Siri, open another tab, read notes beside them etc. Perhaps the method of assessment could shift to ways learners can demonstrate learning with these tools (collaboration, the internet, notes etc.) that are not a "test"? A thought. Cheers, Alison