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by Angelo Delli Santi -
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Hello MoodleHUB educators.

It has become necessary to manage access to This is primarily due to a large increase of bots creating accounts and new email guidelines about to be implemented by Google. While the bots come and go, the Google guidelines are here to stay. If we do nothing, our ability to have forum discussions and be notified by email of new posts will stop working pretty soon.

Our solution will be to insist on everyone using education teacher work provided email accounts when setting up an account at By doing so, we will reduce the risk of not being able to send emails from Moodlehub in the near future. We have started to add known-to-us email domains that educators use into the system. We will likely miss a few. If you have colleagues who cannot create an account, please email, and we will add the email domain to the allow list.

Thanks for doing this.
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Re: Spam on Moodlehub

by Libby Senff -
Hi Angelo,

How do those of us who are new additions to MoodleHUB gain "confirmed educator" status? I have sent inquiries to the "Admin" but have not received any guidance...

Thank you!