Google Drive Update - BGSD Courses need updated links

Google Drive Update - BGSD Courses need updated links

by Yolanda Chang -
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Hello Moodle Hub!

Recently, Google Drive has had an update where links to files like PDFs require a new "resource key" in their URL. This means that for some of our BGSD courses, the links within them no longer work and need to be updated. Since the files are hosted in our Google Drive, when students get the access denied page, the request comes to me instead of the teacher.

I have identified a few courses with this issue (but there may be others). 

  • Big History 15
  • COS1010
  • TOU1010
  • English 30-1
  • English 20-2
  • Biology 30

If you have downloaded these courses in the past from Black Gold, please let me know ( so that I can either:

  • Send you the new .mbz file with the links fixed
  • Send you the new link(s) to update in your course
  • Share the entire Google Drive folder with you so that you can update the links in your course

Lastly, if you have students who encounter an "Access Denied" page, could you please ask them not to request access more than once? It floods my inbox.

Thanks so much for your help everyone!