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by Moodle HUB - Thursday, 21 January 2021, 5:25 AM
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Thank you to the science department at Notredame High School in Red Deer (, Alberta, Canada for sharing a Chemistry 20 sample course that contains Bootstrap formatted Moodle books. 

Teachers take pride in their work and want to build courses that adjust to different screen sizes has content that can be read easily, has clean layout out and that is accessible. Utilizing Bootstrap to format content provides opportunities to build content and lessons that students enjoy and don't struggle with. 

Some noticeable features of the course sample below are

  • three column course header for important information and getting started tasks
  • consistent unit objectives block with video and bullet list
  • consistent two column book pages throughout
  • accordions with embedded video and text
  • tooltips for self-check
  • consistent key concepts block.  

Link to course

Sample images are below.

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