ELA 10-2 TS (ELA 1104 TS)  

Course Overview

The TS version of this ELA 10-2 course may be done as a print course or as an online course according to the choice of the classroom teacher. All print materials are available for print and can be found within either the Student Resources to Print or the Teacher Resources section.

Clear communication is very important in life! In English 10-2, you will further develop your communication skills in all the English Language Arts strands. Focus will be placed on the development of knowledge and skills learned through the study of short stories, non-fiction, poetry, a modern play, a feature film, and a novel. This course is recommended for students interested in pursuing post secondary programs that do not have a primary focus in English.

Note: Course Resources (tutorials and exemplars) are provided online.
Access the materials online through the Learning Management System. You may view the materials online, download them, or print them.

Prerequisite:  ELA 9  (50% recommended)