Course Overview

In English 10-4 (KAE 1780), students will focus on five themes that focus on forms of communication, constructing meaning, media,the world of work, and a novel study. The following Themes (units) are as follows as seen in Moodle online and the print version:

Theme 1: Communicating with Others

Theme 2: Constructing Meaning

Theme 3: The Marvelous Media: Advertising

Theme 4: The World of Work

Theme 5: Novel Study - The Lie That Had To Be  (If The Lie That Had To Be is not a suitable novel for the student, Theme 6 is provided as an alternate choice.

Theme 6: Generic Novel Study (The teacher may choose whatever novel is suitable for the student)

Online: All lessons and assignments are provided as a complete course. Self-Check assignments are auto-graded. All other assignments are assessed by the teacher. Answer keys and rubrics are provided for the teacher as well. There are no tests or exams because this is not a requirement according to the Program of Studies for Knowledge and Employability courses.

Print: All lessons and assignments are provided as a complete course. These are in pdf’s and located in the Teacher Resource section when a teacher gains access to the online course.

Teacher Resources

ADLC’s Knowledge and Employability courses are available only through ADLC’s Teacher Support service. The superuser of the school can add any K&E course via SIS. If the school does not have an assigned superuser, one can be requested using the SuperUser Request Form on  ADLC’s Partner Support will process these requests and send a username and password to the new superuser.

There is no cost to schools or teachers to access courses via Teacher Support.

Course Details

Assessments(s): There are 33 assignments.

Assessments(s): No tests or exams needed because these are not required as per the Programs of Study.