Course Overview

There’s more to saving a forest than just planting a tree. In this course, you’ll learn about the development of forest resources and the need for continued research. You’ll also learn about the major components of research plans and how research activities are currently coordinated in Alberta. 

The Forest Use and Protection course has been developed by ADLC and the Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF).

Forest Research and Development (FOR 3080) is a 30-level, one-credit course that includes eight units of study:

Unit 1: History of Forest Research
Unit 2: Canada’s Modern Forest Research Network
Unit 3: Research Tools
Unit 4: Topics of Forest Research in Canada
Unit 5: Putting Research into Action: Past Applications
Unit 6: Current Applications of Research and Development
Unit 7: Research and Development: Emerging Applications
Unit 8: Career Choices in Forest Research and Development