Course Overview

Why are forests so important to us? In this course, you’ll learn about the social, economic, and environmental significance of forests. You’ll also explore the impact that society and individuals have on our forests and discover how forests have been used historically by Indigenous peoples and European and Asian settlers.

The Forests and Society course has been developed by ADLC and the Woodland Operations Learning Foundation (WOLF).

Forests and Society (FOR 1010) is a 10-level, one-credit course that includes nine units of study:

Unit 1: The Historical Use of Forests
Unit 2: Ecosystems
Unit 3: The Environmental Importance of Forests
Unit 4: The Economic Importance of Forests
Unit 5: The Social Importance of Forests
Unit 6: Forest Management Strategies
Unit 7: How Forests are Valued
Unit 8: Personal Action
Unit 9: Applying What You Have learned