Course Overview

Healthy for life! In this course, you’ll participate in 70 hours of various activities from four of the five dimensions of the PE curriculum: Dance, Games, Gymnastics/Flexibility, Alternative Environments, and Individual Activities. You’ll also explore activities that lead to life-long physical activity.

Note: ADLC’s Physical Education course may not be suitable for all students. Physical Education offered from a distance may have associated costs depending on the activities a student chooses and/or the student’s accessibility to approved supervisors. Current involvement in an activity/sport, which has an instructor or coach who is certified, will increase course success and minimize/eliminate extra costs. Examples of certified instructors and coaches are: Personal Trainers, NCCP certified coaches, fitness class leaders or dance instructors. Contact the lead teacher for guidance if you have questions or concerns regarding our Physical Education program.

Supervision by a person over the age of 18 is required for all activity hours earned. The vast majority of hours must be instructed by a supervisor certified for the chosen activity.